CRITIBA|Kazunaga Sakashita

2016 - © kazunaga sakashita


  • Material / Aluminum/ Tatami
  • Dimensions / W1500mm D500mm SH360mm


The theme of this design is a fusion of Japanese material and metal. Furniture combined with rush grass that has been used in Japanese daily life through the ages and aluminum is little seen because mostly wood has been chosen for it. The combination of tatami and wood is the very ZEN style in a global sense, however, it may be said that it has limited coordination. On the other hand, this bench is simply unique but also has universality. It takes on modern and minimal characters by combining with aluminum, and matches not only for Japanese but any taste of spaces.
This design was inspired by a Japanese historic site, the regional government building called TOFURO. I conceived ROW when I was watching a movie with panoramic view of the ruins. Since the government conducted diplomacy, I hoped that the bench to connect Japan to the world by combining a Japanese material with a worldwide general material.



ー古きを温め 新しきを知るー
和と洋の素材を使用し、太宰府の史跡・都府楼跡をモチーフにデザインしたこと、FRONT ROW(特等席)という意味を込めたことから ROW-楼-benchと命名した。

Find new wisdoms through old things.

The combination of aluminum and rush grasses raises the possibility of a Japanese traditional craft, tatami. The high corrosion resistance and recyclability of aluminum synchronizes with replaceable feature of tatami. I think that it has a potential to be a long-life design in the future. The hair-line finished surface of aluminum has semi-dull luster, and it makes the cold impression of metal toned down. The soft impression of aluminum creates a sense that is close to human skin combining with the gentle impression of tatami.
- Find out the new, through reviewing the old. –
I designed this bench using Japanese and Western materials in the motif of Tofuro that is a historical site in Dazaifu, and infused it with meaning of FRONT ROW (special seat). That is how I gave a name as ROW-bench to this work.

Manufacturer /

Alumi Frame: F CAST Co.,Ltd.
Tatami: Soejima Isao Shoten Corporation