CRITIBA|Kazunaga Sakashita

2016 - © kazunaga sakashita


  • Material / Solid Red Oak
  • Dimensions / W1650mm D1200mm H730mm


I designed a table that people can live with for their life as a theme to appreciate the presence and ages. Solid red oaks for the tabletop are attached to a modesty panel individually and freely without integrating. To embrace with affection even negative points such as board warpage due to repeating wetting and drying, thinning and cracks. This table was designed with intensity so that users can live with for life.






Accept to “Rage”.

The theme of this table is the “intensity” that can promise to live together with it for life.
It is no matter of course that people use a dining table every day and it will be getting dirty. Then I aspired the one has rough but also strong and stout stability to use it with safety and no hesitation as a matter of top priority It is no matter that even ring stains and scratches are left on it. It other words, it is a sign to tick and love them in a way. I thought it is ideal that people can feel like having a meal even with the table.
Solid boards may sometimes have warpage or cracks depending on usage environment, and it is expressed as they “rage”. However, I think this can rather be an ideal table by accepting it preferably.

Manufacturer /

Ryosuke Kuratani (nomade*design)

Photo /

Koji Fujii ( Nacasa&Partners Inc )