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2016 - © kazunaga sakashita

BIRD on the book (Ver. Aluminum)

  • Material / Aluminum casting
  • Dimensions / W220mm D45mm H30mm 200g


I designed this for a request of something goes for a folding book stand that is a bother to take a cooking book in and out. This is in the motif of a bird as a metaphor that a bird spreads his/her wings. It can be a weight when using, and also an object when not in use.

BIRD on the book (Ver. Aluminum)
BIRD on the book (Ver. Aluminum)
BIRD on the book (Ver. Aluminum)
BIRD on the book (Ver. Aluminum)




"An Aluminum made book & pater weight. It performs the function just by putting on a recipe book. It does not need to bother to house it after use since it looks good even leave it with a carelessness. This is a useful object that creates an atmosphere as being displayed even when not in use.
The more you use it, the more the surface changes since it is formed by casting with only light hairline finished but without painting. It is a product that you can enjoy the expressive changes.
In the case of this kind of product, unused time is much longer than actual use. Then I designed this with the idea of keeping the beauty even it is left with carelessness.